Quantification? Definitely. But conceptual graphs? Perhaps not.

Example of an empirically grounded conceptual graph. It appears that the same colour is called blu in Italian and lilla in Estonian, both colour names transparent for English speakers.

A paper just came out about dictionary data structures in the rare situation when we do have access to concepts: How blue is azzurro?Representing probabilistic equivalency of colour terms in a dictionaryby Mari Uusk├╝la and myself. There were two ideas in that paper, only one of which has survived to be used in qlaara. Read More »

What do heresy and empathy have in common

Heretics might not be that bad after all.

Our understanding of how things work is based on a well-established belief system that is usually taken for granted. A set of basic assumptions is placed beyond doubt and everything else, including normal science, is built on that. But what if those assumptions are not the most productive ones? Or if they turn out to be internally inconsistent or in conflict with some other theory that we also like to believe?Read More »