Communicating by discriminating

Busy with discrimination at a party. Image © |

Imagine a cocktail party with so many people talking that you can barely recognise individual words any one of them is saying. Suddenly someone mentions your name, and that one piece immediately catches your attention. Why is that? Because your name means something to you? Of course it does, but so do many other words the people around you are using. (Otherwise you wouldn’t be at that party, right?)Read More »

Relatedness as the first quantitative measure

The first thing that you see in qlaara is the word relatedness graph. It was also where development started two years ago.

The graph shows which words are related to the query word. Relatedness is like similarity, only wider. Dog and puppy are similar, but dog is also related to things like animal, terrier, tail, bark, kennel, cat, bone, obedience, canine, chien and many others. These relations could be classified into various types like synonyms, equivalents or cohyponyms. There are (semi)automatic ways of doing that too, which is one of the things we plan to get to at some stage.Read More »